A Painting a Day Sponsor: Art-Boards ™

I have received hundreds of emails asking me about my materials and, in particular, what surfaces I use. My "A Painting a Day" pieces are painted on natural fiber panels designed and crafted by Patrick Mackin in Brooklyn, NY. They have a variety of surfaces to choose from, including hot and cold press papers. Most of the time I use the Belgian linen that Art-Boards offers which they mount on the panels using an archival glue. The boards themselves are substantial, dense and don't become brittle like many cheap press boards do. Also, I have never had a panel warp or a surface come unglued. In short, they can take a beating, both on the easel as well as in the postal systems all over the world.

They are a joy to paint on.

Art-boards also sells round panels, cradled panels, gesso, frames and a beautiful art storage system. Check out the store here.